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Straw Chip Ltd. is a family concern traditionally engaged in tillage farming and the supply of bulk straw to various users. In addition Straw Chip Ltd. processes straw into a highly absorbent product that we call Straw Chip. This is a product that has been developed primarily as an option for bedding and feeding of animals.

Historically we produced Straw Chip for a base of poultry, dairy, equine and small animal users. Recently we expanded our processing capacity and are actively promoting Straw Chip, Hay Chip, Alfa Chip and Straw Cubes.

At harvest time we assemble large amounts of straw and store it under cover for processing during the year. The straw is selected for processing on the basis of moisture content and the straw is milled to increase its absorbency to levels that are superior to all competing products.

The straw is then screened through a sieve and aspirated to remove most of the dust and moulds present in even good straw (90%). After cleaning, the straw is subsequently treated with a food grade bactericide and mould inhibitor to make it unattractive for any such organisms. We get further mortality of mould and bacteria from this treatment (95%). There is also considerable residual activity built into these products that act while the straw is being used as bedding. The idea is to enhance the environment in which the animal finds itself.

Hay Chip :

We wholesale the Timothy hay in big bales to larger end users who appreciate the ‘ex field’ condition that it is presented in. It also offers end users significant cost savings compared to other forms.

Straw Cubes are a new innovation for us. These are a by-product of our main process, being the dust we extract from Straw Chip. Of interest may be the application where we can make disks, 10mm long and 60mm in diameter, that can be placed under traditional beds. These disks are super absorbent and will keep a traditional bed dry for much longer than without them. Straw Cubes can also be used as a fuel or even as a feed when soaked in water!
As you can see we are trying to innovate and excel in the areas we know most about. This has resulted in the production of 4 exicting and innovative products that have a place on the Irish and export markets.

We are aware that operators in the retail sector offer other bedding and forage products to their customers. We are also aware that these products are not without their problems and supply issues. It is for these reasons that we embarked upon the development of Straw Chip, and Straw Cubes. These products address many of the shortcomings of other products.

All our products are of the highest quality and can save users money while providing employment and a viable business. Our biggest challenge is convincing potential users to try these products. Working with professionals and end users, we are promoting our products generally. We do hope that it is apparent the level of investment, care and attention to detail that we put into our products. We would welcome all queries and comments.

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