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Find out why equine, pedigree cattle, pedigree sheep and pet owners are choosing Hay Chip…

Unsurpassed Quality
Very High Dry Matter
Completely Natural
Convenient Package
Zero Waste
Year Round Supply

Typical Analysis        g/kg
Crude Protein         80
Oil         32
Crude Fibre        220
Ash         70
Ca           6
P        2.3
K         21
Lysine           8
Moisture        11%
DE  9.6MJ/kg


Hay Chip is sun dried hay sourced in Canada, where an ideal climate allows farmers to produce a superior, all natural forage. At Straw Chip we source this hay during the Summer months and then ship it to Ireland by seagoing container. Once the hay arrives in Ireland, its quality is checked again and is placed into a 100 litre bag for consumer convenience and efficient distribution.

Hay Chip is the best quality hay from the best hay growing region in the world. All animals prefer to eat hay compared to silage or haylage. The problem with Irish hay is that quality is very hard to achieve. Unlike other forages, Hay Chip will not spoil when the package is opened or damaged and it will keep indefinitely.

A bag of Hay Chip can be opened and a small amount of hay removed each day as required. Spoilage will not occur after opening because Hay Chip is a dry product. Hay Chip may be mixed with other forages, or even concentrates. This will help slow down ‘greedy’ eaters.

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