Other Activities

In addition to farming on a large scale, we operate a straw assembly business. We assemble straw from our farms and store it in large purpose built buildings until required by our customers. We assemble barley straw and oat straw for our customers Our customers include beef and dairy farmers requiring straw as a source of fibre and pedigree stock owners requiring bedding.
We also operate a number of large scale grain dryers which we use to dry our grain. After drying we store this grain in large purpose built stores until required by our customers.

Please check out our picture gallery to see some pictures of our activities.

As can be seen from the brief summary of our activities, much of our workload in concentrated into the late summer and early autumn period. This means that we need to recruit significant numbers of drivers and machine operators. If this type of work is of interest to you, please contact us via email or by telephone.

How Strawchip is made?

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