Rapid: Bedding and feed Buy Online Brochure


Find out why equine owners are choosing Rapid…

Unsurpassed Quality, very low moisture
Very low dust levels
Very low microbial counts
Spreads easily from the bag
Looks well when spread and makes for a bright bed
Not as palatable as normal straw to bed eaters.
Convenient Package
Year Round Supply
Composts Quickly After Use
Great value

Rapid is a product made from Rape Straw. This straw is quite different from other types of straw and these properties make it especially suitable for equine establishments. Having spent the last number of years developing the product, we would like to promote it to the more general equine community. Delivery is via courier for small orders or via truck for larger orders.

Rapid is packaged in 100 litre bags and is stacked on pallets for convenience and efficient transport. Rapid is available on pallets of 42 bags for delivery by courier. Prices from €7.50 per bag (See shopping cart).