Straw Cubes: Bedding, feed and fuel Buy Online Brochure


Find out why home owners are choosing Straw Cubes for fuel …

– Green Fuel
– High Quality
– Easy To Light
– Convenient Package
– Zero Waste
– Clean

Typical Analysis g/kg
Oil 12
Fibre 340
Calcium 4
Phosphorous 1
Potassium 18
Protein 30
Ash 60
Moisture 11%
Calorific value 17MJ/kg (same as wood)

Straw Cubes As Fuel
Straw cubes represent an ideal fuel source for solid fuel appliances. It is locally sourced and from a renewable supply. It is a carbon neutral product and has the same energy value as wood. The ash left over from burning is rich in phosphorous and potassium and is an ideal garden fertiliser.

Novel Uses for Straw Chip
Straw cubes can also be used for bedding purposes. Short cubes can be produced upon special request. These can be placed under traditional bedding to keep it dry. Soft cubes are also available to order. These crush easily underfoot and are very absorbent.

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