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Find out why dairy, equine, cattle, sheep, pig, fowl and pet owners are choosing Straw Chip…

Unsurpassed Quality
Suitable For Many Purposes
Convenient Package
Year Round Supply
Composts Quickly After Use

At harvest time we assemble large amounts of straw and store it under cover for processing during the year. The straw is selected for processing on the basis of moisture content and on visual checks. The straw is milled to increase its absorbency to levels that are superior to all competing products including chopped straw, shredded paper, sawdust and even woodshavings. The straw is then screened over a 5mm aperture sieve and aspirated to remove most of the dust and moulds present in the straw. After cleaning the straw is subsequently treated with a bactericide and mould inhibitor to make it a hostile environment for any such organisms.
To facilitate ease of handling and use, the end product is packaged in 100 litre block bottom bags and is stacked on pallets for convenience and efficient transport.

Recently we established a new plant to produce Straw Chip and other products. We would now like to promote STRAWCHIP uses more widely.

Please consult our picture gallery for images of our new product and factory. The production line is now fully automated and can run unmanned for significant periods of time. Even the stacking process is carried out by a computer controlled robotic arm! Click here to view our Product Gallery